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5 Tips to Improve Your Fine Art Photography

5 Tips to Improve Your Fine Art Photography

How can you continue to grow and enhance as a fine art photographer, it is basically the regular use of camera and putting in practice these points that are going to help you be that fine art photographer.

Follow your goal of making images that unfolds the viewers’ inner thinking and emotions; make images that are artistic and creative, images that create a big impact on a person’s life and memory.

Your seeing skills have to be developed: often set some minutes aside around your home, you should be having your camera and your object with you. Relax for a while and start taking pictures of the object, take its pictures from every angle as you study it. You now need to note down anything you’ve discovered in the study. Note things like;

Personal responses: your feelings and thoughts while locating the object

.• Impression: note the position or side which things look the most appealing

  • Expression: what does this subject want to express, is it smooth or rough, is it moving or still, respond with your senses and emotions’ perception.
  • Look at what the object that you have a taken a photograph of seeming to suggest.

Develop a fresh way of seeing: take many different kinds of pictures in different positions of one subject matter then write down the ideas you have come up with while taking these different positions. Do not forget to put into practice these new ideas that you have learned, exercise for thinking and seeing can be done anywhere and anytime, do not just wait till you find yourself taking pictures, practice this often wherever you are.

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Imagination development: one can enrich his imagination by going to an art gallery or studying art in various schools. Learn to practice pre-visualizing before engaging yourself in taking pictures.

Look at what interest and excites your interest: when something excites you, give it a very close examination and explore it.

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